I'm Clarkey, I'm 22, from Teesside, 6'5", and I work in a hospital.


People have been inventing stupid shit since the dawn of time. Here are 13 products from the past 50 years that failed to take off for obvious reasons. 

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World Pup 2014





For the past two days, this little dinosaur has been hitchhiking on my side mirror.image

And every time I go back to my car, he’s just chilling on top of the mirror, ready to go.


The dude’s hella confused though. He sees himself in the mirror and tries to attract himself to himself


And sometimes it looks like he fell off …





cherish him forever



I don’t .. I don’t understand…

puddlesofsunshine asked:
97, 95, 85, 73, 67, 62, 29, 17 Backwards because I feel like it, hope your day off was amazing!

Cheers! :) 

Unfortunately for you i’m gonna be super pedantic and do things in the correct order ;D

17. Laughed until you cried

You know, it’s somewhat sad to say but I honestly don’t know if I have. I’ve had some funny moments this year but I don’t know if i’ve managed to reach that level for some time now :(.

29. Name something you CANNOT wait for

I’m super geeky/sad and I’m gonna have to say GTA V for PS4 because that’s the only thing coming out in the near future that actually has a set date on it, everything else is still up in there air…

62. Listening to

I am currently listening to Riptide by Vance Joy - awesome song and i’m glad to see it’s getting a bit of air time over here. :)

67. Lips or eyes

Already answered this :)

73. Sensitive or loud

Definitely depends what’s going on haha :’P

85. Fallen for a friend

Yeah I’ve fallen for a friend before, worked out better than any other time i’ve been in a relationship too :)

95. Did you sing today

I sang in the shower. I always sing in the shower :P

97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go?

November 2013. Australia. Best month of my life, without question.

Anonymous asked:
37, 60, 67, 99 :)

Thanks for these anon :D. Sorry for the lateness of the reply!

37. Nicknames

My most common nickname is Clarkey - pretty much everyone calls me that save for a very small minority of people who knew me before secondary school who either call me Jonny or Jona as my first names Jonathan :). I also get plenty of height related nicknames as you can imagine…

60. Drinking

I’m not drinking anything i’m afraid - last drink I had was just some orange squash, haven’t touched anything alcoholic since thursday D:

67. Lips or eyes

Well as much as I prefer  touching lips to touching eyes I have to say I prefer eyes. Lips are nice but I mean eyes are eyes man, they’re just gorgeous :’)

99. Are you afraid of falling in love?

Not at all! It’s probably one of the few things I’m not actually afraid of xD



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